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When it comes to air conditioning installation, whether you are installing a brand new system or replacing an old one – you want to make sure you hire the right company for the job. If you want to keep your home energy efficient and comfortable, or your current AC is running on its last legs, then you are a great candidate for an AC unit. Here at New City Mechanical, we have a team of highly qualified experts who can help you to install the perfect air conditioning unit for your needs and budget. Our team has been trained extensively in servicing and installing all kinds of air conditioners. In order to make sure that your new unit will function perfectly for your needs, we will perform a thorough inspection and evaluation of your home. This will help to ensure that we provide you with a reliable piece of AC equipment that will be perfect for your home.


Central Air Conditioning

We can offer our customers a variety of different systems. For most customers, we would recommend a central AC installation. While this kind of system will be more expensive in the short term, in the long term, you will find that it will save you a significant amount of cash as time goes on. With a good central AC system installation from us, can also add significantly more to the resale value of your home. A central AC installation will also take up less precious space in your living area than a window unit would, which is why you should get central air conditioning installed by professionals instead of buying costly portable AC units.


Ductless AC Installation

Our business can also provide ductless AC installation. In a ductless system, the air is delivered directly into different zones as opposed to the air being directed through ducts. One of the biggest reasons that people choose this type of AC is because of the significant savings that it can offer in comparison to other types. This is because of the fact that ductless systems are significantly smaller than their counterparts, meaning that they can operate on much less power. Since the cold air is delivered directly into the room, there is no loss of efficiency, which can occur with duct based systems. You can also choose to cool one room and not others, meaning that you are only using the exact amount of energy you need and not a drop more.


Save a Significant Amount of Money

With general air conditioning installation (whether regular or ductless), you will save a lot of money when you choose New City Mechanical to do the installation process for you. Not only do we give you a cost-free, no-obligations quote, but we also price our services very competitively so you can afford to stay nice and cool during the summer when the heatwaves strike. Trust in a licensed and insured local company to do air conditioning installation right for you. Let us install a quality HVAC system for you: 801-605-8848



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