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Professional Heating Installation In Northern Utah

After you have determined the type of heating system you want for your home or business, the next step is getting the unit installed. Depending on if the unit is a heat pump, or a multi or single stage system, different installation processes are required. Fortunately, the experts at New City Mechanical have the experience required to ensure that your system is properly installed and that your property is minimally affected by the installation process. We know it can be a big process to get a new furnace installed - we aim to make the process as simple and as hassle-free as possible. We take great pride in providing top level heating installation services for all of our customers in Northern Utah and look forward to serving you today.


Your Heating Installation Experts In Northern Utah

The first step is selecting the type of heating system you want for your home. We install a wide range of heating systems and furnaces from some of the top manufacturers on the market, and also carry many different styles and models. From single to multi stage systems to heat pumps, to advance multi pipe cooling/heating systems built into one, New City Mechanical has you covered. Ask about our installations of the Mitsubishi VRF System, one of the most advanced multi pipe systems in the United States! Our team can provide you with a wealth of information on the different models and the installation process for each. Each system has different requirements and the costs vary as well, so it is important to get the right information on heating installations from trusted experts.


Furnace Installations You Can Trust In Northern Utah

At New City Mechanical, we are the furnace installation experts. Regardless of the system you want to install, the first part of our installation process is coming to your home or business to do a thorough inspection so that a plan can be put in place to smoothly carry out the installation. At times, if a completely new system is being put in place, this heating installation process can be somewhat intrusive to your home or business. As with any property work, we know that this can disrupt normal routines. It is always in our interest to keep our customers well informed about the entire installation process. From start to finish, New City Mechanical wants our customers comfortable and knowledgeable about what is happening during installation.


Safety Where It Counts

As with any housework, heating and furnace installation services need to be done right. At New City Mechanical, our technicians always take the proper precautions during an installation and wear the proper safety equipment in addition to ensuring your property is also protected. We always use mats and shoe covers to keep your property as clean as possible during the installation. If you are installing a brand new system but still have an old furnace, we will gladly remove your old furnace. For top level heating installation services, contact New City Mechanical in Northern Utah today at 801-605-8848.



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