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What is Net-Zero?

Net-zero refers to new buildings that are either “net-zero energy” or “net-zero carbon.” Net-zero energy buildings are energy-efficient and consume zero energy from utility-scale sources on an annual basis because all the power the building or home needs is generated through on-site renewable energy.


Reasons to go Net-Zero

  • isolation for building owners from future energy price increases.

  • increased comfort due to more-uniform interior temperatures (this can be demonstrated with comparative isotherm maps)

  • reduced total cost of ownership due to improved energy efficiency.

  • reduced total net monthly cost of living.

  • Federal and state rebate programs including the new inflation reduction act initiative.

What we Have Done

We have worked on multiple design build residential and commercial projects to work towards Net-Zero status or even Net-Positive, including working hand in hand with Weber State University, Rocky Mountain Power, Dominion energy, ES Solar, Wadman Construction, Mitsubishi Electric just to name a few. We have a diversified team already in place.


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