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Northern Utah's Heating Maintenance Experts

When you live in Ogden/Salt Lake or anywhere else in Utah, you know how essential heating is when the cold weather hits. Whether you’re in your office or your living room, you shouldn’t have to wear mittens and a sweater to feel comfortable. Our team of climate control technicians have the expertise and experience to ensure you feel warm and toasty, no matter the weather conditions outside. We offer expert maintenance services that will ensure your furnace can handle anything Mother Nature throws at you. With our regular upkeep, any small issue your furnace experiences won’t turn into a large, costly repair down the road. Get the most out of your furnace and ensure it runs smoothly for years to come—contact us today!


The importance of maintaining your furnace

Regular furnace maintenance is vital to avoid costly repairs and ensure climate control functionality. A furnace can’t heat correctly if its filters are clogged or if there’s a gas leak or thermostat malfunction. We offer fast, effective and affordable furnace maintenance that will save you hundreds on your heating bill and ensure your home or office is warm and inviting. We’re fully licensed and insured and we have years of experience serving both home and business owners. We have an eye for detail and we can get to the bottom of any heating issue. We pride ourselves on professional and prompt service and we’re happy to answer your questions and make suggestions for all of your climate control inquiries. When you need quality heating maintenance, there’s no better choice than New City Mechanical.


Quick tips for keeping your furnace running

When it comes to small heating issues, we understand you may feel reluctant to call a professional right away. Some minor issues can be easily resolved on your own until your next scheduled maintenance. Here are some things you can do to see if your furnace requires professional servicing:

  • Make sure your vents are clear of any blockages.

  • Make sure your thermostat works correctly.

  • Try changing out or cleaning the air filters in your home.

  • Check for a gas leak near your furnace.

  • And if all else fails—call the experts at New City Mechanical!

Of course, you won’t be able to diagnose every issue—nor should you. So when you’re ready to contact the experts, give us a call. We’ve serviced countless makes and models of furnace and we’ll ensure your furnace is good to go throughout the year.


Do you need a furnace tune-up?

Do you feel as if your home is too cold or too hot? Does your furnace only work intermittently? Is your heating bill becoming outrageous? It may be time to call the experts at New City Mechanical. We offer reliable and affordable furnace tune-ups and we’ll ensure your home or office’s climate control is working perfectly. When we service a furnace, we take special care to replace all needed filters, clear any ventilation or airflow blockages, ensure the heating functionality of your furnace is on target and repair any issues with your thermostat. We’re happy to answer your questions and we’ll make sure we exceed your expectations. Call us now to schedule a service appointment! Keep your furnace running well throughout the year by calling us today!



We are Appreciative to Serve our Clients and Charge NO Service Call Fees!

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